Angela Nuttle and Earline Houchins, a mother and daughter artist team with vastly different styles.

Earline, or "Mom", has been painting fine traditional art for over 50 years.  What started out as a curious interest for her led to the enrollment in an art class as a teenager, and she has never turned back!  Earline's exact and perfect realism not only guides her personal life, but shows up big in her art pieces.  She has used several life experiences to shape what she puts on canvas, like "ANGEL".  "ANGEL" was inspired by seeing her granddaughter in a big floaty gown one day, and Earline wanted to capture the innocence of the picture. The rest is history.









Angela, or "Angie", naturally went another direction in her expression of the world.  Using a modern abstract and whimsical flare, she has always loved bright and vivid color in her art.  There is a story behind each and every painting, like "LATE AFTERNOON TREE", which depicts a story about running away and poison ivy.  












In 2012, Angela returned home to Indiana after living all over the USA and working around the world in organizational development and executive coaching.  Earline and Angela came together to finally offer their art pieces online after Earline expressed her desire to check the last box on her "Things To Do Before I Go" list.  Angela began building the website as a hectic schedule exploded with professional photography shoots and printing expert consultations.  Building the website was a huge challenge, but it finally was ready for business.


Earline and Angela also license their art.  CLICK HERE to see their online portfolio exclusively for licensing.  



We are real everyday people who do what we say we will do.  We wanted to start this art gallery and shop, not just to sell our art to the world, but to really connect with people and share our passion.

We think about the art collector/customer first.  We are picky people ourselves and understand that there are certain expectations when you invest in art.  Our promise and commitment is real.  If you are not satisfied with your order, we will refund your money.  Period.


We are also very accessible.  Please contact us at or complete our CONTACT US form, and we will reply as quickly as possible.

Thanks for your business, and thanks for taking an interest in our art.


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